There’s nothing worse than phoning or visiting a spouse, family member or significant other who just lost their loved one in tragic yet avoidable fashion. Conveying this terrible news is often the job of law enforcement or medical facilities, although sometimes coworkers who know the families well will often deliver the news. Nothing’s great about wrongful deaths, even after our Honolulu wrongful death attorney secures favorable settlements for surviving family members.

With Jed Kurzban working your wrongful death case with his aggressive team alongside him, families of decedents can take solace in knowing the entire incident will be thoroughly investigated, negotiated or put before a jury to decide what happens.

What Loved Ones Get from Our Firm

First, we extend our condolences for losing someone you’ve loved and relied on for so long. People who thoughtlessly act negligently towards others, regardless of setting, must be held accountable for causing the death of your loved one. No questions asked. We work hard on building your cases with irrefutable evidence, discuss potential settlement agreements prior to trial with at-fault parties and their attorneys or bring them into court where the judge and jury on hand will listen to this event and decide their fate.

Typical settlement may include:

  • Pain and suffering, which are nonfinancial damages sustained by loved ones.
  • Child care expenses if the decedent left behind children with little to no means to care for them.
  • Medical and life benefits that deceased had in place should an unlikely event happen.
  • Direct financial losses stemming from income deprivation, both present and in future.
  • Funeral expenses, which are reimbursed if they came out-of-pocket.

Spouses tend to file these claims with our Honolulu wrongful death attorney, although if none exists, the children or parents would file instead. The executor of your loved one’s estate, if not you, can work with our team during this difficult transition into a life without your loved one.

To effectively litigate these cases, an act of negligence must have caused your loved one to decease. An eligible survivor must have been monetarily aggrieved by this loss, and someone must act as the surviving family member’s representative. These components aren’t difficult unless the deceased literally has nobody to act for them, which is rare.

Contact Our Honolulu Wrongful Death Attorney

There’s Hawaii statutes regarding how long surviving members have before filing wrongful death claims expires. We know you’ll need time to heal, and also must worry about surviving. Therefore, we urge folks with viable wrongful death suits to contact our office immediately, so Jed Kurzban and his team may begin working on your claim today.

Nothing excuses the fact some medical professional, employer, driver or property owner caused your loved one to die. Once you’re ready to competent, compassionate legal representation, our Honolulu wrongful death attorney, and his team, will await your call or office visit.

Consultations are free and, in cases where negligence exists, we’ll take your case based on contingency, or performance. If we fail to collect, you pay nothing.

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