Those commonly associate heart injuries with being stabbed or impaled in such a manner that ruptures the heart muscle. That’s not always the case. In fact, myocardial contusions and similar traumas happen from serious car accidents and, on occasion, due to medial malpractice. Any trauma sustained to your thoracic wall, aorta or heart itself may cause life-threatening damage requiring extensive surgery.

Victims of any negligent action performed by drivers, doctors or employers who sustain heart-related trauma should phone Jed Kurzban, an intelligent Honolulu heart trauma attorney who excels in holding responsible parties accountable for actions resulting in heart contusions or excessive bruising. Together with his team of medical pros, attorneys and staff, he’ll formulate an ingenious plan to litigate your claim in court.

Understanding the Seriousness of Heart Injuries

When you’ve taken a blow to your sternum with enough force to affect your heart, 90% of the time you’ll develop arrhythmia, an irregular heartbeat, within 48 hours. Although less than 20% of all arrhythmias lead to death, it’s still important to note these can throw off other bodily functions. If you’re unsure whether your heart is traumatized, look for these common symptoms:

  • Hypoxia, which means your heart isn’t receiving oxygen (associated with shortness of breath)
  • Stomach issues, such as excessive vomiting or nausea
  • Feelings of excessive fatigue, like you simply cannot get motivated
  • Pain in your ribs and sternum, consistent with being bludgeoned with force.
  • Hypotension, or an abnormal dip in blood pressure

Those showing any signs above should seek immediate medical attention, even if you’re suspicious the cause of your condition was medically induced by another facility. Take care of your health, and our Honolulu heart trauma attorney will handle your case.

Medical professionals will only know the presence of myocardial contusions and similar traumas by administering tests. When completed, they’ll know the full extent of your internal injuries; if electrocardiography (ECG) tests were ordered but never completed, patients risk succumbing to their injuries. That’s why seeing medical professionals immediately when you suspect an internal issue may save your life.

Should medical professionals negligently forego their duty to administer tests, and your condition worsens, there’s no better time to contact our team. We will look over medical records and discover where things went awry and, if doctors intentionally fail to give tests, they’ll be held accountable in court. This may include compensation and punitive (punishment) damages.

Pursuing Compensation? The Kurzban Team Wants to Help.

Loved ones of decedents and victims who were able to survive their heart trauma may want compensation for their strife. Especially when they’ve needlessly endured so much pain and suffering. Because our Honolulu heart trauma attorney specializes in getting people compensated for their injuries such as yours, the choice is logical when you’re needing competent representation.

Heart trauma is serious. Even the slightest bruising can cause long-term health problems for victims. If you’ve been injured by someone’s poor judgment, including medical professionals who’ve been negligent, contact Jed Kurzban and his team today. You’ll be glad you did.

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