Imagine taking the scenic route on the island of Maui. The top’s down on your rented convertible, and the wind is blowing through your hair. Not a care in the world. You approach a curve, and as you’re braking to go around that curve, you can feel something in the lines give way. Your loved ones, your memories flash before your eyes as you crash the rented vehicle… and when you wake up, everything’s changed.

All you know is that, despite everything you did, you were still in an accident. The doctors miraculously brought you back from acute organ failure and stabilized you, but there was a cost. You’re going to be in pain for the rest of your life from the treatments that you need, and there are endless physical therapy sessions. It is a huge reduction in your quality of life.

A year passes. There are bills still coming in. The pain is tremendous. And with the trauma, the organ failure, and all that followed… nothing is the same. What can you do?
If this has happened to you, I can help you get the representation that you deserve. I am a Hawaii organ failure attorney, specializing in catastrophic injuries as a result of trauma. I have recovered millions of dollars for my clients, and I would like to hear your story about organ failure in Maui.

Organ failure, the collapse or failure of a body’s essential system, can happen in the case of poisoning, serious trauma, loss of blood, improper drug prescriptions, failure to treat, and acute illness. It is one of the outcomes of sepsis, blood-borne bacteria.

We are not supermen. The human body has the ability to regenerate and to heal from minor injuries, but can get overwhelmed when there is severe trauma or medical interventions go wrong.

In the case of major trauma such as car accidents, gunshot wounds, stabbings, or falls, it’s absolutely imperative that the extent of the injuries be quickly and accurately assessed to prevent death, the loss of limbs, or paralysis. That quick action sometimes does not happen for one reason or another, exacerbating the problem.

In the case of major injury, the body does everything that it can to protect itself. When parts become inflamed, it is bolstering against further damage and initiating the healing process.

Some of the symptoms of organ failure and major trauma to the body are:

  • Edema, or swelling of the body.
  • Fever as a result of increased antibody output
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Higher metabolism
  • Confusion or slight delirium

After suffering a traumatic injury, it’s possible to have the quality of life and the ability of work reduced. There are some who may be disabled or suffer pain long after the accident.

Organ failure Attorney Maui costs a lot, too. The organ failure from the trauma received can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the patient, just in keeping them alive.

If you or a family member has experienced a traumatic injury and resulting organ failure in Maui, we want to talk with you. Give us a call at our Hawaii offices, or use our contact form for your free consultation.