Internal organs harmoniously work together to assure our bodies digest food, dispel waste, pump blood into areas necessary to promote healthy brain and heart function, even process oxygen. One organ, when thrown into discord or badly damaged, could trigger others to begin working improperly and eventually shut the human body down. It’s truly horrifying for anyone who experiences this.

Jed Kurzban, the Honolulu organ failure attorney well-respected within the community which he serves, brings decades of experience litigating cases where misdiagnoses, below-standard treatment and a myriad of personal injuries cause organ failures. With his dedicated team of attorneys, medical professionals and proficient office staff, claims of negligent behavior leading to organ problems are handled with professionalism and integrity. Significant compensation is possible in these cases.

Negligence Can Cause Organ Failures

You’re 100% sure something isn’t right after experiencing an accident. So, you visit your local hospital who determines you’ve been bruised badly internally, which is causing bleeding but nothing significant. They send you home with medication, and to their knowledge performed their duty. However, a week passes, and you’re back, except being hauled by gurney into the ER because your lungs are collapsing. Was the first diagnosis incorrect? Perhaps, because they didn’t order x-rays which may have caught your damaged lungs.

Cases our Honolulu organ failure attorney gets fall into similar pretenses as this. Someone misdiagnosed patient condition, which led to significant organ damage. It’s not entirely uncommon for doctors to haphazardly approach patient care in emergency room settings when numerous patients are in queue. This type of lax approach to proper diagnoses happens in private practices, too.

Negligence is the only additional component of medical malpractice cases necessary to settle claims, apart from the existence of doctor-patient relationship and obvious condition that went untreated or misdiagnosed. Once we’ve proved negligent actions led to injured patients, we’ll build our case to file in court, requesting certification of class action status if large groups were affected.

Organ failures are serious. Bear in mind one failed bodily function may create problems for others. If you or your loved one are in grave condition due to organ issues stemming from doctor negligence, it’s imperative you discuss your case with a compassionate Honolulu organ failure attorney with a vested interest in your well-being, Jed Kurzban. Him and his team rigorously litigate cases much like yours.

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Too much of one drug. Surgical damage. Missed masses in x-rays. These and other problems stem from doctoral negligence, and rarely nothing else. You’re protected by law from medical malpractice, and our firm will litigate to preserve those protections. Time is important, however, because you’ll continue physically suffering and quite possibly lose your right to litigate if you wait months, or years, to fight back.

To put Jed Kurzban and his experienced team to work for you, contact his office today. Consultations cost nothing, and he’s a loyal Honolulu organ failure attorney prepared to take all cases he’s retained for all the way to the finish line.

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