Across America, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) stemming from various incidents cause an enormous number of deaths and cases of lasting disability every year. Of the 1.7 million estimated TBI cases reported to the CDC, 52,000 succumb to their injuries while another 275,000 are hospitalized longer than one day. Nearly 474,000 of all hospitalized victims are between 0 and 14 years of age.

Negligence, although its contribution to traumatic brain injuries is unknown, is the major reason Jed Kurzban and his team spring into action when victims need an aggressive Honolulu brain injury attorney to fight for compensation. Medical malpractice can cause brain trauma Injury, much like misdiagnoses or other doctoral mishaps.

Serious TBI Cases Require Qualified Attorneys

Physical and financial ramifications of brain injuries are immediately apparent. As your brain is your body’s control center, damage sustained to any part may cause organs to malfunction, vision to slowly deteriorate, and ability to process thoughts or feelings may erode. Not to mention you’ll constantly feel physically drained, even though your day consisted of nothing more than waking up. It’s certainly nothing you looked forward to one day, but may be something you’re forced to live with forever.

Jed Kurzban, a Honolulu brain injury attorney with over two decades handling cases where personal injury or medical malpractice caused massive brain trauma, brings his infectious energy into every claim he’s retained to litigate. Along with his team, victims have hope that accountability will finally be placed where it’s been long overdue. Providing fair settlements for people who may never work again is Jed and his team’s goal.

While the leading causes of TBI are falls (35% of total) and vehicle collisions (17%), negligence in failing to properly identify these injuries in patients also contributes to why so many needlessly die. Regardless the reason you’ve been put through this traumatic event, our team has your best interests at heart, and vows to expound every resource possible to validate and settle your claim.

Medical bills pile up, personal living expenses become impossible to pay for, and life spirals out of control. It’s destructive what these brain injuries do, often forcing innocent folks to forfeit their standard of living in lieu of their health care needs.

The Kurzban Team Fights for TBI Victims

Treating traumatic brain injuries may cost millions over a patient’s life. As many insurance carriers agree to pay only a certain percentage, costs to care for these injuries can skyrocket quickly. Medical malpractice, auto injury, workplace injury, even premises accidents can cause these catastrophic injuries to occur, with some not being immediately noticeable.

Fair compensation, getting medical bills covered and holding at-fault parties accountable for your brain Injury is our goal. Jed Kurzban spends countless hours litigating cases, negotiating settlements and reaching out to his clients to offer them hope. Him and his team are well-respected across the islands, and want nothing more than brain-injured patients to get exactly what’s deserved given their losses.

An incredible team, including an outstanding Honolulu brain injury attorney, await your call.

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