Contributing to many debilitating conditions, including death, across America is traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s). Caused by blows to your brain which disrupt normal function, TBI victims number 153 per day, on average. As the third-leading cause of death among traumatic brain injury sufferers, motor vehicle accidents cause plenty of havoc on one’s brain. But, did you know medical negligence does the same?

Regardless how one sustained brain trauma, Jed Kurzban is a leading Maui brain injury attorney poised to litigate cases where premises liability, doctoral negligence or reckless drivers caused an unwarranted head injury. Deadly at worst, victims can go from relatively normal to vegetative state within days of suffering massive brain injuries.

Victims Deserve Competent Representation

Intracranial injuries, which sometimes won’t appear until victims suffer excruciating migraine-like pains, are undoubtedly common with motorcycle accidents and those where victims endure massive force against their skulls. However, during surgical procedures, instances where brains lack oxygen may develop hypoxia, or lack of oxygen. This sudden disappearance of much-needed air can distort brain function, shutting down various centers without hope of repair.

Medical professionals that miss tumors when conducting x-rays may also forego any chance of removing or treating the masses. These can lead to long-term debilitating problems, or cause death. Strokes, too, can cause on side of our brains to completely shut down. An array of brain injuries can have different ramifications if not treated properly or are caused by negligence. For the latter, our Maui brain injury attorney and his hard-working team of attorneys with outside resources will fight for compensation.

Although complicated to treat, brain injuriescaused by willful negligence can be avoided.

How We’ve Proven Negligence in TBI Cases

It’s unethical (not to mention illegal) to wrongly accuse people of causing brain injuries. As with any personal injury claim brought to Jed Kurzban, overwhelming evidence uncontestable by ‘reasonable doubt’ defenses win claims. To produce this preponderance of evidence, certain conditions must exist, including:

  • Our ability to gather, preserve and document evidence must be flawless.
  • Medical evidence must be irrefutable.
  • A successful attempt to harm patient negligently must be discovered and proven, often called causation.
  • Noneconomic and economic compensation being sought must be determined prior to engaging in negotiations, although final award could be much larger if tried before jury.

Jed Kurzban and his team perform wonderfully when it appears no prima facie case exists. As your Maui brain injury attorney, his unwavering dedication to preserving victims’ rights is evident in how much time he devotes to every case he’s retained for.

Brain injuries aren’t all preventable. Freak accidents, falling down flights of stairs unassisted and those self-inflicted wounds cannot be predicted nor mitigated identically. However, those accidents caused by negligent drivers, employers with relaxed safety policies and medical professional who’ve misdiagnosed or failed to treat patients are on Jed Kurzban and his team’s radar.

Did you or your loved one suffer immeasurable pain from avoidable brain injuries? Haven’t decided on who’ll represent you? Contact our Maui brain injury attorney and his team today.

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