For accident victims, the most serious consequence is paralysis. Loss of muscle function can be general or localized, while duration could be temporary or permanent. Most forms of paralysis result from your brain’s inability to sent and receive signals to spinal cord, which in turn sends signals to various parts of our anatomy. Vehicle accidents, slips and falls, or medical malpractice are known causes of paralysis, although some are born with it.

When you or your loved one become paralyzed on the islands due to another’s negligence, there’s an experienced Maui paralysis attorney known for litigating paralysis cases, getting fair compensation for injuries sustain including loss of income, loss of consortium and future wages injured persons could’ve earned. Jed Kurzban, his team and his many outside resources are well-respected around Hawaii because they care.

Several Types of Paralysis Exist

The two main types of paralysis, generalized and localized, are defined by what areas they affect. Localized paralysis affects a smaller area, such as your face or maybe your knee. Generalized paralysis, however, is broader and has five (5) subparts of its own:

  • Paraplegia, which is concentrated in both legs.
  • Monoplegia, which causes one arm or one leg to lose feeling.
  • Diplegia, which affects two equal sides but is exclusive of lower extremities.
  • Hemiplegia, which causes one arm and one leg on the same side to lose feeling.
  • Tetraplegia, also called quadriplegia, which renders all limbs useless.

Localized paralysis could stem from pinched nerves, and may go away relatively quick. However, generalized paralysis may last much longer, up to one’s entire life, and may cause other health problems to ensue. As paralysis cases we litigate stem from negligence, our Maui paralysis attorney will fight diligently to secure favorable settlements for those who’ll need around-the-clock home health care due to paralysis.

There’s also flaccid and spastic paralysis to worry about. Spastic paralysis will cause muscles to harden and uncontrollably twitch, while flaccid paralysiswill cause muscle groups to become flabby while shrinking. All forms of paralysis could easily lead to an early death depending on severity and locality.

Our Maui Paralysis Attorney Fights for You

Many forms of generalized paralysis affect victims forever. Some may need amputation, extensive surgeries, even need moved to assisted living facilities because performing daily activities simply isn’t feasible anymore. It’s horrifying how another’s negligent actions can paralyze other innocent people. Few may regain mobility, while the greater portion of paralysis victims won’t return to 100% again.

Loved ones suffering because paralysis resulted from vehicle accidents, employer carelessness, medical errors or premises liability issues can contact Jed Kurzban and his team to get started on putting together an evidence-packed case against at-fault parties. Because brain and spine injuries are serious, our approach toward bring court action is aggressive.

Catastrophic injuries that lead to paralysis shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially when another person’s controllable actions led to paralysis. Contact our Maui paralysis attorney and his dedicated team today, and they’ll look over your case without cost or obligation to retain services.

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