When an employer or medical professional, or any individual with the responsibility to exercise control over their actions, is reckless in abandoning their responsibilities and causes your loved one to decease, wrongful death cases are born. It takes only one negligent situation to cause a catastrophic outcome such as the death of an innocent person. To get justice, it takes one skilled Maui wrongful death attorney.

Representing clients across the islands, Jed Kurzban and his team have accumulated many years of successful wrongful death litigation. They’ll pursue all viable compensation options for victims’ families to help ease the financial strain often felt when a loved one, often the breadwinner, passes away. Hospitals, insurers, other powerful attorneys, you name it – our firm is fearless in litigating against them.

Why Wrongful Deaths Happen

Negligence, in its many forms, causes innocent Hawaiians to needlessly lose their lives. For example, medical negligence occurs when doctors underperform or overdose patients in their care; in some cases, failing to do anything for patients also causes them to die without logical reasoning. Reckless medical care isn’t the only means of wrongful death our Maui wrongful death attorney handles.

Other wrongful claims may come from:

  • Premises liabilities, such as workers or patrons slipping and falling.
  • Product liabilities, namely pharmaceuticals and unsafe products which fails to disclose dangers.
  • Vehicular accidents
  • Maritime accidents stemming from poorly maintained rental watercraft

Our law firm’s experience is demonstrated in how we handle wrongful death suits. From evidence preservation, to jury verdict or pre-trial settlement, Jed Kurzban exudes the type of aggressive legal representation necessary to successfully prove claims devoid any doubt.

After examining your case and agreeing to litigating it, our team springs into action. Every minute prior to, and after, your love one’s wrongful death will be examined along with the circumstances that cause their demise. Once your case has been put together, we’ll prepare to bring in expert witnesses to testify. Whatever it takes to make our clients whole, we’ll do.

Our firm will never represent the opposition or insurers. Only victims and their families will benefit from our services, which is how our firm has been structured since we began practicing law.

Let’s Help You Seek Closure by Winning Your Case

Feelings of guilt, remorse and an emptiness once filled buyer loved one could’ve been avoided had a negligent party simply paid closer attention. But they did, and here you are. Broken, questioning your future, wondering if there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Together with our Maui wrongful death attorney, we’ll seek placement of accountability where it belongs. We’ll fight to see your claim gets fairly adjudicated, and get the greatest financial award possible. With thoroughness and proper application of law, your claim could be settled before ever being filed in court, although results do vary.

If you’ve lost a loved one due to the reckless actions of medical professionals or any other individual or company, contact our team today for a comprehensive evaluation of your wrongful death claim.

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