As the hardest working organ within our anatomy, the heart controls blood flow throughout our bodies. When hearts sustain major bruising or other forms of blunt-force damage, a potentially dangerous situation arises. Negligence, in its many forms, can contribute to myocardial contusions and similar damage to our thoracic walls. When others are reckless in treating you, or simply cause an injury to your heart, Jed Kurzban is your best Maui heart trauma attorney solution.

Lifelong cardiac problems await victims of heart trauma, if they’re able to survive. As numerous heart surgeries can increase risk of death during surgery, mitigating small heart traumas before they’re massive coronary problems is suggested. Medical malpractice is one growing cause of unnecessary heart problems, which our firm fights on behalf of victims or surviving loved ones.

How Medical Malpractice Causes Heart Trauma

While vehicle accidents and premises liabilities certainly cause heart problems, medical malfeasance is another major contributor to heart defects. Subscribing blood thinners when none were needed, or ordering nitroglycerine tablets when heart’s rhythm was never determined to be problematic can cause injuries. However, other procedures causing unneeded heart trauma include:

  • Incorrectly placed incisions, apart from accomplishing nothing, could cause heart problems if made too close to corroded arteries or if surgeon accidently slips and cuts the heart itself when performing a procedure nearby.
  • Angioplasty, which entails inserting surgical balloons into clogged veins and arteries, is an extremely delicate procedure with nearly no room for error. When done incorrectly, plaque may get released into one’s heart, which could cause further injury or death.
  • Stent insertion can help regulate one’s blood flow to and from heart chambers. With an improper insertion or removal, accidental tears could cause further bleeding, possibly leading to death.
  • Improperly administering anesthesia can also cause major heart problems, especially when overdosed. Benzodiazepine, a common anesthetic, is quite powerful with too much all but damaging one’s body, if not killing them.

During heart transplants, it’s vital to keep area free of surgical instruments and contamination. It’s imperative for your Maui heart trauma attorney to evaluate medical records and know everything before, during and after your procedure.

Compensation for Heart Trauma is Available

When you’ve been injured due to another medical professional’s lack of proper care, you’re not only going to need another visit to someone else, you’ll lose income and gain tons of medical bills. The situation isn’t one many want to endure, but thankfully, Jed Kurzban and this team understand the medical field well enough to handle your negligence-based heart trauma claim with precision.

Compensation, if settled for or awarded in court, may include payments for medical expenses now and in the future, loss of income, undue pain and suffering, and quite possibly loss of consortium. Heart specialists are supposed to practice an elevated standard of medicinal excellence, but when they’ve failed patients, we’re there to hold them accountable.

Our Maui heart trauma attorney will evaluate your heart trauma case free of charge, so contact him and his proactive team of attorneys and office staff today.

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