You’ve been diagnosed with cancer, but never received chemotherapy as promised by your oncologist. Perhaps you’ve been told several issues with your lungs may inhibit breathing as time goes on, but your pulmonologist failed to give any treatment options. One form of medical malpractice, failure to treat, is an epidemic in medical facilities nationwide. Paying for useless doctor visits hurts your pockets, yet pads theirs.

Jed Kurzban, a proficient Maui failure to treat attorney, provides medically injured patients litigation services. Along with his team of attorneys and medical professionals, those who fail in their duty to thoroughly diagnose and properly treat patients will be held accountable. We enforce your right to fair medical treatment by litigating cases where proper treatment would have benefitted your well-being, but you failed to receive it. Substantial compensation may be available, depending on your claim.

How We Fight Misdiagnoses and Failure to Treat Cases

While it’s the direct responsibility of doctors to assure diagnoses and treatment plans are strictly adhered to, the growing mismanagement issues withinmedical facilities certainly doesn’t help circumvent proper treatment. We often see patients thrown into physical discord simply because they’ve been forgotten about, or given cheap medication to reduce pain or swelling.

Serious physical injuries, in some cases death, have occurred when patients are simply forgotten about, or not given proper care promised in their treatment plans. When Jed Kurzban and his aggressive litigation team get claims of failed treatment, many patients feel they’ve got nowhere to turn. The medical industry is worth trillions, which means billions are thrown at defense attorneys more powerful than individuals who try fighting them alone. This mismatch means little, if anything, is done.

As a well-respected Maui failure to treat attorney, Jed Kurzban knows what’s at stake. His team knows what must be done to settle cases within reasonable time frames, because some patients are so far down the path of mistreatment that years may be all that’s left in their lives. Motivated, well-resourced and experienced in handling mistreatment cases, Kurzban and his dedicated team can fight hard.

Delayed or Denied Promised Services? We Can Help.

Our own medical specialists invest time and effort uncovering medical record errors and discovering what treatment patients should have received, but never got. Whether tests that should’ve been ordered never were, or treatment was delayed, our office takes an intelligent approach to each patient’s claim so any burden of proof we’re charged with supplying gets thoroughly presented in court. Juries, judges, and defendants will all receive notice of our findings in whatever fashion is just and proper.

Underinsured or not insured, there’s no difference. When doctors promise some result, but fail to meet their obligation in some manner that injures or deprives you, bring us your claim. Tell us everything you were told by professionals, and we’ll discuss your options. While our office will never promise outcomes, we’ll promise our unwavering support and hard work should we take your case.

Our Maui failure to treat attorney awaits your case, so don’t delay. Contact us today.

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