The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, formed shortly after Christopher became paralyzed contending in an equestrian competition, tracks paralysis statistics across the country in hopes of raising awareness. Over 5.3 million people across America, or 1.7% of its population, live with paralysis. Stroke, at 33.7%, is the leading cause of paralysis with spinal cord injury following closely behind at 27.3%. Negligence, which is what our Honolulu paralysis attorney litigates against, will cause spinal injuries leading to paralysis if the traumatic event is severe enough.

There’s nothing pleasant about going through paralysis, especially knowing circumstances which caused this incident could’ve been avoided with better medical care or more attentive driving. It’s great to know Jed Kurzban and his team will fight to get every dime you’re owed should it happen.

We’re There for Needlessly Paralyzed Clients

If you or your loved one has been victimized by another’s negligence, and need competent legal counsel to handle your claim properly, our Honolulu paralysis attorney will be there. Car wrecks, malpractice and premises liabilities are common breeding grounds for paralysis injuries. Brain injuries cause paralysis as does trauma to spinal cord. 52% of annual paralysis injuries happen at work or on another person’s property, with many such cases right here on the islands.

Paralysis, depending on type, can essentially render limbs useless forever – often requiring mechanical devices or complete amputation. The types of paralysis – paraplegia, monoplegia, hemiplegia, quadriplegia and diplegia – will dictate which long-term treatment (if any) patients can expect. Not every case will merit having limbs removed, although your primary care physician could say differently.

Our job as your Honolulu paralysis attorney is simple: get clients compensation they deserve and hold doctors, employers, companies or individuals accountable for whatever mistakes forced you into this unnecessary nightmare. Jed Kurzban and his team knows time is of the essence and will do whatever it takes to negotiate fair settlements prior to court, if the other party is willing to listen. Cases that head to court, if we’re victorious, could lead to substantial jury awards, although results are never promised.

Adjusting to an uncomfortable lifestyle is hard enough. Don’t let poor representation get smaller settlements than you deserve for the inconvenience you’ll endure for your remaining years.

Paralyzed? Let’s Discuss Your Situation.

Nobody should endure medical errors, regardless if negligent or not. Drivers shouldn’t distract themselves to the point of causing accidents. And employers shouldn’t leave their premises in total disarray. Unfortunately, good people endure tragic accidents due to bad judgment calls.

Fortunately, there’s hope with an amazing Honolulu paralysis attorney on your side. Together with his proficient team of lawyers and medical experts, he’s able to achieve favorable outcomes in cases where paralysis stemmed from negligent actions. There’s no excuse for it, and Jed Kurzban lets at-fault persons know it.

If you or your loved one care to bring action against someone who caused paralysis expected to last an extended period, there’s no better time than now to retain Jed Kurzban and his team.

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