Doctors who achieve board certification have demonstrated their ability to practice medicine at a higher standard, but are also held to equally high standards in maintaining their certification. Part of their heightened expectations involve properly treating patients, which the greater part of America’s 700,000-plus physicians does. However, when doctors miss treat or altogether fail to treat their patients, our law firm has a Honolulu failure to treat attorney to litigate against them.

Because both federal and Hawaii state laws regulate how physicians and hospitals treat patients, it’s imperative to lean on Jed Kurzban and his team. Illegitimate medical practices are treated seriously, and our firm has been successful in holding hospitals and doctors accountable or injuries patients sustained due to their negligent actions.

When Your Doctor Bails, We Won’t.

It’s unclear what would possess a doctor to not treated patients, although it happens more frequently than it should. Abandoning a patient when they need testing, referral or transfer to another facility – especially during emergency matters – could lead to serious injury or death in the patient. For example, if the patient is admitted to a hospital for chest pains, and the doctor did nothing to determine the cause, the patient could suffer a myocardial infarction and die.

Misdiagnosis is another form of failed treatment. This may happen when doctors failed to order proper testing, administer inappropriate drugs for the condition, or incorrectly order a surgical procedure that wasn’t necessary to conduct. Laws contend that administering the wrong treatment constitutes failed treatment, and is an actionable offense.

When doctors realize they’ve made an intentional mistake, there are quick to ‘lawyer up’. This will essentially end all communication with the doctor, forcing the patient to find another primary caregiver before their condition worsens. Now you’re dealing with a powerful attorney, a misdiagnosis and a worsening condition due to the doctor (who bailed on you) erroneously handling you as a patient.

Doctors may bail, but Jed Kurzban is an incredibly proficient Honolulu failure to treat attorney dedicated to the preservation of patient rights. Him and his team will never leave your side.

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Patients who have been denied treatment without justification, or had been misdiagnosed, will undoubtedly want the doctor or facility, or both, held accountable for their actions. This will come in the form of compensation for further injuries sustained, perhaps you’re looking for the doctor to be punished personally in addition to financial benefits. Our team works determinedly to achieve the greatest possible result given your condition.

Except under limited circumstances, doctors must also treat patients who are refusing such. Certain conditions may exist where doctors and hospitals were justified in denial of service, which is where claims of failed treatment can get complex. People may feel they don’t have a substantial claim, but actually do, so it’s important to bring what you have and allow our Honolulu failure to treat attorney look over the facts surrounding your claim.

Cases involving failed treatment can be difficult. Our representation is not.

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