State and federal laws recognize medical professionals must adhere to an acceptable standard of practice, and patients have the right to assume reasonable care will be administered to them. When major medical errors are willfully induced, the standard of care promised to patients breaks down. This disruption can cause serious injury or death, and becomes the basis of a medical malpractice suit.

With a track record of successful case settlements and jury awards, Jed Kurzban is a highly regarded Honolulu medical malpractice attorney capable of litigating claims regardless of complexity. Along with his team of attorneys and outside medical experts, they’ll work until claims are settled properly, and fairly. There’s no excuse for negligently handling patients, even if doctors are inexperienced.

Don’t Be Bullied into Staying Quiet

Misdiagnosis in outpatient care, such as falsely labeling patients as HIV-positive then administering powerful drugs with tragic side effects is one method of medical malpractice. With inpatient care, situations such as performing unneeded or incorrect surgical procedures, or infusing patients with the wrong blood type, may lead to death. Studies contend that sleep deprivation, inexperience and miss reading patient charts often cause these malpractice errors.

Communication is instrumental within medical facilities. Nurses, who are often the first point of contact for patients, must correctly chart patient problems and document proper information. Our Honolulu medical malpractice attorney has successfully litigated cases against nurses and doctors, because it’s the duty of the former to correctly convey information to the latter.

Medical professionals have a responsibility to inform the patient that errors occurred, although many times this just doesn’t happen. Some doctors rely on patient’s lack of education to hide the fact they’ve screwed up. In other cases, doctors and their medical staff work in tandem to correct the error before it affects the patient, although many times it’s too late.

Jed Kurzban, with his vast resources, works diligently to substantiate claims of medical malpractice. In proving patients sustained significant injury due to improper medical services, attacking the standard of care received by providing irrefutable evidence that injuries to person and finances stemmed from malpractice is where Jed will start.

Medical malpractice has many facets, none which patients deserve to suffer from. You don’t have to feel bullied into staying quiet any longer, as our team work to uncover the truth about your medical experience.

Put Our Expert Malpractice Attorney to Work for You

Medical malfeasance adds another layer of distrust to the health care system many people fear is working against them. Hawaiians have the right to visit hospitals and doctors of their choosing without fearing an erroneous diagnosis or major negligent action being committed against them. For over 25 years, our Honolulu medical malpractice attorney has validated and settled many patient claims of avoidable medical errors.

Malpractice suits are serious. If you or a loved one have endured unnecessary pain and suffering due to a doctor or medical facility’s poor standard of care or misdiagnosis, contact Jed and his team for a free initial consultation today.

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