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It may not have been one of his highest rated movies, but Denzel Washington’s 2002 film “John Q,” tackles a topic that more and more American are experiencing – failure to treat. When someone is sick, a doctor is supposed to help them get better. Pretty straightforward concept. But when red tape gets in the way, it can cause major issues; not just for the patient, but for the family as well. It can be heartbreaking to watch a loved one suffer – or die – simply because they either do not have the money or the right type of insurance to undergo the treatment they need. Many other countries across the world make it a priority to keep their citizens healthy.

If you or a loved one is going through a failure to treat the situation, you need to contact one of the toughest failure to treat attorneys in Hawaii. Kurzban Kurzban Tetzeli P.A. have been representing clients for many years. They have seen their share of failure to treat scenarios. Missing out on treatment due to lack of coverage is a very real issue, and they want to help people get the medication, rehab or procedure they desperately need.

In the movie, Washington’s son (played by Daniel E. Smith) is diagnosed with an enlarged heart. He collapses at a baseball game and rushed to the hospital. There, the doctors inform him that he needs a heart transplant in order to survive, but his insurance does not cover it. Naturally, Washington is upset and thinks the whole insurance industry is screwed up. All he wants to do is save his little boy. In a last-ditch effort, he takes the hospital emergency room hostage and orders the doctors to perform the transplant on his son. His plan, commit suicide so that his son could have his heart to live. The doctors agree. They prepare the son for surgery and Washington loads his gun with a single bullet. He pulls the trigger, but the gun does not fire. He is about to try a second when he receives news from his wife that a deceased car accident victim is being flown in for her organs to be harvested. The doctors use the lady’s heart to save the son’s life. Washington is taken into custody. At his trial, many people speak out in his defense. He is cleared of most of the charges, except for kidnapping, but his attorney speculates that a judge will be lenient, considering the context. The whole ordeal goes national and sparks debate on healthcare reform.

No one should have to go through such drama for healthcare (even though it is just a movie). Many people suffer day in and day out because they can not get the treatment they need. Finding a tough failure to treat attorney in Hawaii is a top priority when it comes to receiving critical medical treatment. Contact Kurzban Kurzban Tetzeli P.A. today for a free consultation.

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