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One of the most popular high school sports in Hawaii (next to football, basketball and soccer) is diving. Many kids dream of one day approaching the edge of the platform and executing the perfect dive to win the gold medal at the Olympics. But like every other sport, to go pro or to even get to the Olympics is one of the hardest feats to accomplish. But once you are there, you represent your country with great pride. Many train their entire lives for their one shot at greatness. They sacrifice sleep, their social life, relationships in the pursuit of Olympic greatness. To them, it is all worth it. But many Olympic sports have high risk factors. Sports like gymnastics and diving can be beautiful to watch, but one false move or one misstep could spell disaster for the athlete. A great percentage of the athletes who do not make it to the Olympics attribute their shortcoming to injury – some, severe.

Kurzban Kurzban Tetzeli P.A. has been representing people who have sustained catastrophic injuries for years. They are some of the most empathetic catastrophic injury attorney Hawaii, and they know just how emotionally painful a catastrophic injury can be, not just to the victim, but to the family as well. Seeing a young person’s future destroyed by a sever accident is heart-breaking, and dealing with the aftermath is not any easier. These legal professionals will fight tooth and nail to make sure the victim is compensated properly in order to receive the assistance they need and deserve.

Fifteen years ago, a college student was practicing her diving routine – as he usually did – at a public pool. He had just executed it flawlessly, but upon landing in the water he hit his head on something hard and sank to the bottom. From that point on he was paralyzed. He had big hopes of making it to the Olympics, but now those dreams were forever gone.

After taking the facility to court, he was awarded over $28 million dollars for his injury. Although he cannot move from the neck down, he hopes his accident serves as a lesson to divers and to other facilities. The object he struck was another person. The girl was practicing her synchronized dance routine with her team while he was diving. Because there were no markers separating the two, the girl sustained bruises to her body, while he lost his motor skills. The facility has installed clear dividers since the accident.

Being in a catastrophic accident calls for an empathetic catastrophic attorney in Hawaii. The legal professionals at Kurzban Kurzban Tetzeli P.A. have the experience it takes to build a strong case in your favor and get what you rightfully and legally are entitled to. If your loved one has been injured in such a manner, contact them today for a free consultation and let them go to work for you. Give them a call today.

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