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Practically every young American male loves to watch some type of contact sport; whether it is football, hockey, boxing, MMA or wrestling. They love to thrill of seeing hard hits and knockouts. And believe it or not, those sports can be safe, if the necessary precautions are taken. With MMA, fighters wear thin gloves, not to protect their opponent’s face, but to protect their hands instead. And with hockey, players have so many pads layered on top of them, it is virtually impossible to seriously injure them. Of course, all of these measures were put into place after numerous incidents occurred and the need for them grew.

Unfortunately, many athletes – student and professional – still get severely injured while playing contact sports. Either due to negligence on the organization’s part or because they are not properly protected with the right kind of equipment. Some recover, but a lot suffer temporary or even permanent paralysis. When this happens, contacting a strict paralysis attorney in Hawaii could mean the difference between getting the treatment you need and not being able to afford proper care. The attorneys at Kurzban Kurzban Tetzeli P.A. have been representing paralysis victims for years. They have seen some of the most devastating injuries and how people are left to cope. This makes them work that much harder to get the compensation needed for rehab or treatment or special arrangements.

Many high school and college students still participate in wrestling, hoping to one day make the Olympics team and represent their countries. And for the most part, wrestling has not changed much over the years, including the uniforms and safety equipment. Wrestlers are required to wear ear guards and a cup, but those do little to protect from a lot of the maneuvers they execute on each other – body slams, suplexes, body twists and neck cranks. Many wrestlers have gotten seriously injured in practice and in tournaments. Most recover without any serious damage, but quite a few suffer irreparable injuries. And in some cases, some have even become paralyzed. Becoming paralyzed at a young age is even more devastating because there is a whole life in front of them to live. For the rest of their lives, they will be dependent on someone else for the most basic of needs – eating, going to bed, bathing, etc. Hiring a helper can be extremely costly; not to mention all of the doctor appointments to treat atrophy and other side effects of becoming paralyzed. It changes everyone’s lives.

If you have a loved one who was paralyzed due to contact sports, seeking a strict paralysis attorney in Hawaii should be a top priority. Getting compensated in order to help your loved one should be at the top of your list next to seeking medical treatment and counseling. It will not be an easy or short road. Do not hesitate, contact them immediately. The longer you put it off the more detrimental it could be.

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