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Once someone commits a crime, stands trial, is found guilty and sentenced, we rarely expect for them to make the news. Serving your time is punishment enough for most criminals, and for most victims affected by the perpetrator, they feel that justice has been served. But behind the prison walls – in some institutions – there is a different type of justice; one that takes place in the underbelly of the system that only a few know about, but many get to experience. For most prisoners, they use their time to reflect on the bad decisions they have made that led them to where they are. Some are productive and educate themselves, while others participate in counseling and mentoring programs. Unfortunately, a lot of the guards who work these jailhouses see so much negativity, they take the law into their own hands and feel it is their duty to deliver their brand of “justice.”

There have been many cases of wardens and gardens abusing their power over inmates, causing serious body harm, and in many cases, killing the prisoner. The methods are often crude and inhumane and straddle the line between vigilante and villain. A lot of incidents end up as wrongful death cases, but now the convicted is the victim in a twisted irony. The family has to come to terms with losing their loved one…again. Kurzban Kurzban, Tetzeli P.A. are some of Hawaii’s toughest wrongful death attorney. When it comes to representing the family of the victim, they do not ease up until they see the guilty party pay – literally and financially – for the damages, grief, stress and monetary strain they caused.

Man Dies in Police Custody

In 2015, a man who was taken into custody by police for suspicion of domestic battery died while in a struggle with deputies at the police station. The man, who was believed to be on meth and ecstasy, paced back and forth in his cell and tried to hang himself. Deputies stepped in and moved him to a suicide watch cell. According to reports, he complied. But as officers pinned him down to take his clothes and administer a modesty gown, he struggled with them until his heart stopped. Despite trying many resuscitation techniques, police were unable to revive him. The family filed a wrongful death suit against the police department and won.

Although money can never bring back a loved one, it can help cope financially with expenses. Some of  Hawaii’s toughest wrongful death attorney at Kurzban Kurzban Tetzeli P.A. have seen it all and they know how difficult it can be to mourn the loss of a loved one while in the midst of a lawsuit. Although they are dogged and fierce in the courtroom, they are just as compassionate with their clients. If you think you have a wrongful death suit, give them a call for a free consultation and let them help you recover what you legally are entitled to.

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