23 June

A 25-year old patient who had been studying in Hawaii when she contracted a parasite says her doctors had not diagnosed her properly. She found out about the misdiagnosis after returning to Seattle where her doctors said she had contracted rat lungworm disease. This disease was confirmed later on in Hawaii by her spinal fluid test results. All the people suffering from this disease could have been treated if doctors in Hawaii had reached the correct diagnosis. Contact a Hawaii failure to treat lawyer if you have been misdiagnosed in Hawaii.

Lungworm disease explained

Lungworm disease, also known as  Angiostrongylus cantonensis, is a rare illness that  invades the brain and spinal cord causing symptoms such as nausea, headaches, and in some cases even paralysis and coma. The symptoms can last for months but they start three weeks after contracting the disease, therefore, this parasite can go undetected for weeks.  Many cases have already been reported in Hawaii. The disease can be prevented and treated when the doctors know about it but apparently, this was not the case for the Seattle student who recently suffered from the disease.

No cure

There is no cure or medication for the lungworm disease. The parasites will eventually die with time. It’s also very difficult to diagnose unless a cerebrospinal fluid sample is tested. If you are experiencing the above-described symptoms, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Avoid raw vegetables

Freezing or heating your vegetables may be a better idea. It helps kill bacteria and parasites causing the lungworm disease. If you are eating raw vegetables, make sure they are washed. It’s best not to order them at the restaurant as you don’t know if they were cleaned thoroughly.

Epidemic in Hawaii

There are several cases of patients infected with lungworm disease in Hawaii still under investigation. It’s not sure how each individual contracted the parasite but it’s clear that consuming raw food, especially snails may cause it. Contaminated water, although less common, can also carry the parasite. The disease has been in Hawaii for quite while, about 50 years. A recent report shows that over 80% of snails in the island carry the parasite. Symptoms can vary in adults and children. Children will experience nausea and vomiting while adults will have headaches and neck stiffness with nausea and vomiting as well.

How a Hawaii failure to treat lawyer  help

Many malpractice lawsuits are caused either by a misdiagnosis or delay in treating the disease. A misdiagnosis alone may not be sufficient to have a case.   This is why is necessary you seek the counsel of a Hawaii failure to treat lawyer in order to determine your legal options.  Doctors may not always responsible for the medical malpractice but the patient can prove the mistake was caused by negligence. To schedule your initial consultation with Jed Kurzban, contact us today. Your answer is a phone call away.

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