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We trust doctors to heal us. Unfortunately, when doctors and other medical professionals are negligent, they can harm us instead.

Being the victim of medical malpractice could have a permanent impact on your quality of life. It could even result in your death.

This doesn’t need to happen. Although there are no surefire ways to guard against being harmed by a negligent doctor, there are some steps you can take to minimize your chances of being a medical malpractice victim. They include the following:

Do Your Research

If you need emergency medical care, you might not have the opportunity to spend time researching your options and choosing a doctor who you believe will provide you with effective treatment. However, if you do have time to conduct some research before scheduling an appointment with a new physician, strongly consider taking this step.

Your goal is to select a board-certified physician with relevant experience and a positive reputation among their patients. Thanks to the Internet, you may be able to find reviews of a particular doctor from former patients, helping you better understand whether they are qualified to serve your needs.

Ask About Test Results

Depending on your condition, a doctor may ask that you undergo various tests. When they do, ask them to explain how you will be informed of the results.

After you have undergone a test and some time has passed without any word from the doctor, don’t assume that “no news must be good news.” There are instances when patients don’t receive treatment because careless medical professionals lose their test results or forget to contact patients when results come in. Get in touch with your doctor to request an update if you are starting to wonder why it’s taking so long to find out about the results.

Get a Second Opinion

It is often wise to contact multiple doctors to get more than one physician’s opinion when you are ill. This is particularly true if your condition may be life-threatening or if it is rare.

It’s possible one doctor will overlook certain factors or details that another doctor will notice. Getting a second opinion can mean the difference between receiving the treatment you need or becoming sicker due to a lack of proper treatment.

Learn About Your Condition

It’s best to remember that doctors are experts who have spent years studying medicine. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you know better than them.

That said, it can be valuable to research your condition thoroughly upon receiving a diagnosis. Learning everything you can about your illness or injury can better prepare you to notice when a doctor might be making an error or overlooking a potential treatment option.

Just remember that as valuable as these suggestions may be, following them does not guarantee you will never be a victim of medical malpractice. If this has already happened to you, it’s possible to seek compensation for your losses by filing a claim or lawsuit.

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