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We hold medical professionals to a very high standard of care. When we go to them, we expect that they are acting with diligence and are treating you with a high standard of care. After all, they are under oath in order to do this. They also have years of schooling under their belt. However, mistakes can happen or negligence can still occur. They are still human and humans can make errors. Medical professionals may commit medical malpractice. This is something you shouldn’t have to deal with but it still does happen. You now have to suffer an injury or condition because of their negligence. This is an extremely serious matter. You could be injured or your loved one may have died due to medical malpractice. At that point, you could also file a wrongful death suit. One serious injury that can happen as a result of medical malpractice is paralysis. This is one of the most extreme and life-altering diagnosis to deal with. You now have a partial or complete inability to move extremities. This affects your everyday life as you may no longer be able to do certain activities. You may not be able to drive anymore or you may not be able to participate in your favorite sport. It’s essential to know the causes of paralysis for when you bring forth a medical malpractice suit.

One of the primary causes of paralysis happens when a baby is born. For example, an injury known as brachial plexus can occur when the nerves in the newborn’s neck are stretched, torn, or compressed. This stress may cause temporary or permanent paralysis for the baby’s upper extremities. It may cause weakness in their arm and loss of motion. Another cause of paralysis often occurs during surgery. This is often when surgical errors are made near the brain or spine. A delay in medical diagnosis can cause paralysis. An example of this is if the doctor delays the diagnosis of a spinal cord tumor. This could ultimately lead to paralysis. Brain tumors that are delayed in diagnosis or not discovered quick enough, may result in paralysis of the face or body. Paralysis can be caused by the medical professional failing to provide an accurate diagnosis or their failure to provide a diagnosis at all. Forms of diagnosis, such as x-rays or neurological exams, must be quick, thorough, and accurate. If the medical professional fails to do any of these things, then it is seen as medical malpractice and you have a basis to sue.

When your medical professional has not done their job right, it is a serious manner. Now you have to suffer because of their negligence. It’s completely unfair that you have to deal with these consequences. Paralysis is just one of the serious consequences that can occur due to medical malpractice. You would assume that all doctors would perform their medical duties in a diligent way. You expected to come out feeling better or cured but instead, you came out injured. Or your loved one died in the process. You need someone with years of experience on your side. The last thing you need is more stress. Contact Jed Kurzban Esq, a catastrophic injury lawyer in Hawaii, today at 808-736-5035 or use this contact form for a free no-obligation consultation.

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