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Although there are many beautiful beaches to explore in Hawaii paradisiacal coasts,  we often ignore the hidden dangers in them. Some of the most popular beaches are actually the ones with the highest number of drownings. Sandy Beach, for example, can be quite unpredictable.  With its location near the island of Molokai and the strong currents beating its coats, you may just have reached a dead end. Teens love to gather at this sandy spot to enjoy some surfing and boogie boarding. This amazing beach is great for relaxing but it can also become a nightmare.

Warning-Dangerous Shorebreak

Read the intimidating signs and you will know what’s coming next. Many people have experienced catastrophic injuries at Sandy Beach and chances are they will keep happening due to the unreliable environment they are exposed to.  Lifeguards work harder in these types of beaches because people tend to underestimate the power of rip currents and nearshore waves. As long as the waves are two to four feet high you are safe.  If you are not that experienced or such a great swimmer, you will be advised to leave.

There are many surfing and boarding competitions hosted in this sought-after tourist attraction. You will not find any restaurants or shops nearby, therefore, you may have to either buy something from the local lunch wagon or bring something to eat.

What to expect

At Sandy Beach, the waves break directly on the shore. This unpredictable scenario has caused many neck and spine injuries even to the most skillful swimmers as waves will jump up very fast. Even the most insignificant waves can be dangerous together with sandbars, which stretch as much as 50 feet from shore.  Also, there are no offshore reefs to help stop the aggressive waves.

What to do

You can protect your loved ones from the unexpected ocean perils by simply following  some water safety tips:

  • Check out for warning signs.
  • Avoid remote beaches.
  • Don’t underestimate safety information.
  • Be close to a flotation device when out in the deep.
  • Have your children wear a flotation device and practice.
  • Visit a beach with a lifeguard available.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs.

Although these tips come in handy, some accidents are unavoidable. You may want to hire a catastrophic injury attorney in Hawaii when things get serious. Jed Kurzban has more than two decades of experience dealing with personal injury cases involving serious injuries. He will evaluate your case and explain in details the legal options available.

Many times someone is responsible for these devastating injuries attorneys make sure you are covered. But what happens when a wrongful death occurs and the victim is not able to claim those rights? Although nobody can bring your loved one back, and an attorney can obtain financial compensation on your behalf. This will help you avoid some unnecessary headaches along the road.

There are many benefits you can receive along with compensation for pain and suffering, funeral costs, medical bills, loss of benefits, and any other financial burdens. Call today and schedule your free consultation!

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