11 October

It was a story that shocked the nation. Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old African American woman, died in a jail cell after she was stopped by police in Waller County Texas for a traffic violation. Her family was recently awarded a $1.9 wrongful death settlement. The ruling not only illustrates the seriousness of wrongful death, it also may bring historic changes to the way jails operate.

On July 10, 2015, Bland was stopped by police for an improper lane change violation near a school. But what happened afterward, would later set off a firestorm. Police dashboard video captured an angry confrontation between Bland and the officers. Bland refused to get out of her car after protesting her arrest. When Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia tried to remove her from the vehicle, Bland screamed that the officer was about to break her wrists and claimed Encinia had knocked her head to the ground. Bland was eventually arrested and taken into custody. She was charged with assaulting a public servant. Bland was placed into the Waller County jail and held on a $5,000 bond. Three days later, Bland was found hanged to death. The death was ruled a suicide.

When Bland was placed in jail, she was ordered to answer a series of questions. In one of her responses, she had told the guard of previously attempting suicide. She also told another corrections officer about her outrage over the arrest. Waller County jail officials determined Bland was neither mentally ill or suicidal.

The Bland case has placed a major spotlight on wrongful death and the procedures used in jails around the country. According to Cannon Lambert, the attorney for the Bland family, automatic electronic sensors will be placed in the jail along with a regular staff of nurse and medical technicians to ensure inmates are checked regularly.

Wrongful death can happen anywhere for a variety of reasons. It can occur at the workplace, a nursing home or even as the result of a traffic arrest. The loss of a loved one can be emotionally and financially devastating. No amount of money can ever bring the victim back. But when a person dies due to the negligence of others, the family of the deceased is entitled to recover proper compensation. In many cases, the deceased may be the sole income provider for their family. When a loved one dies, it can leave their families in a terrible position. A wrongful death lawyer can help families recover money for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Support services
  • Funeral expenses
  • Victim’s expected future earnings
  • Work-related medical benefits
  • Pension plan
  • All finances affected by the victim’s death

It is always a tragedy to lose a member of your family or loved one as a result of negligence. A wrongful death lawyer can protect the rights of family members and fight for the compensation they deserve. Protect your family and the legacy of the deceased. Discover how a wrongful death lawyer can help you.

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