06 October

The athletic team representing the University of Hawaii had recently visited injured teammate Kalepo Naotala at the Craig Hospital in Englewood. The defensive lineman had been treated for spinal cord injury he had suffered while diving with friends in Honolulu. Almost 90 people, including coaches and support staff, made a short drive to the hospital where they greeted family and friends with handshakes and hugs. They shared laughs and amazing stories with Naotala, who is currently undergoing rehabilitation.

After the 19-year-old dove into shallow waters and hit his head on the ocean bottom, he was immediately taken to the hospital in serious condition where he underwent surgery. Naotala had participated in spring training camp and was expected to compete this fall. The university is currently working on fundraising options to support him and his family. He recently received $10,000 grant to help with rehabilitation but then – the medical costs continue to rise. The team is also being provided with counseling and support. The freshman defensive lineman’s condition has made an incredible impact on the team.

Spinal cord injury is considered one of the most severe syndromes, which can affect an individual physically and emotionally. Football is among the top sports associated with this type of injury. Diving accidents are also dangerous as victims of spinal cord injury may suffer tetraplegia and also permanent disability. These accidents are very common among young males and in some cases, they are caused by negligence. As one of the most serious injuries an individual can suffer, it’s important you hire a Hawaii catastrophic injury lawyer with experience in this area of law.

The spot where Kalepo Naotala was diving is considered one of the most dangerous ones. There have been other spinal cord injuries in this particular area during the past seven years. Although there are lifeguards as well as warning signs posted, kids still indulge in such unsafe sport. The community has been asked to help stop these tragedies by passing on some wisdom and knowledge to individuals that may not be familiar with the area. Naotala had come from Menchville High School, Virginia, back in 2016. He had lived in Hawaii before moving to Newport News and his uncle is a former Hawaii warrior.

These breaking news have had a profound impact on the University of Hawaii football team since Naotala was definitely an asset to the team. Doctors say it could take a long time to fully recover from these injuries. Most of the recovery for spinal cord injuries happens during the first six months. However, if the patient experiences loss of function after the first year of recovery, the damages may become permanent.

How a Hawaii catastrophic injury lawyer can help

One of the most difficult elements in spinal cord injury cases is proving that the injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence. This is why you need an attorney to investigate your circumstances and determine the best course of action in your particular situation. If you suffered a spinal cord injury and believe your injuries were caused by another’s action, ask a Hawaii catastrophic injury lawyer about your legal options.

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