23 February

Hiring the right Hawaii medical malpractice lawyer to represent you or someone you love has been seriously injured or died because of an error on the part of a doctor is vital to protecting your right and getting you the assistance and help you need to recover from a malpractice case. But it’s not just enough to hire a medical malpractice lawyer or catastrophic injury attorney. You have to hire the right one for your case. How do you know who is the right one? Here are a few questions to ask to determine the best Hawaii medical malpractice lawyer or catastrophic injury attorney for your situation.

How long has the attorney been practicing? One major factor in hiring an attorney is experience. Has your attorney been practicing long enough to feel confident accepting your case?

Does the lawyer have experience handling medical malpractice cases? It goes without say that if you are in Hawaii and hiring a medical malpractice lawyer, they should have significant experience in that area specifically. A lot of lawyers practice in numerous areas, but for such a delicate matter, you want a lawyer who handles these cases almost exclusively.

Has your catastrophic injury attorney been rated by their peers? Any lawyer can tell you they are great, but being rated by your peers in your profession says a lot. That means they have the respect of people in their field and are recognized for their work and work ethic.

Hawaii medical malpractice lawyers need to have a good name to stay in business. And you get a good reputation — and respect — by winning cases. You want to ask your lawyer about their track record, especially the most recent case they handled.

On the same hand, you want to know if your attorney has ever taken a case to trial. And if so, what was the outcome? There is a big difference between negotiating a settlement and actually trying a case. Catastrophic injury attorneys argue some of the hardest cases. You want to know your attorney is battle-ready should it come down to it.

Along with winning cases, ask your attorney if they have ever won a sizable award case. Winning a sizable award case speaks volumes about an attorney and their firm.

Is the law firm a big one or a modest practice? Resources are important when it comes to hiring a catastrophic injury attorney in Hawaii. The more people there are to focus on your case the better. Not to say a smaller practice cannot handle the work effectively.

Speaking of resources, does the attorney have access to expert witnesses and medical investigators? This could be crucial when preparing for a case going to trial. Expert witnesses can sometimes make or break a case.

If you’re in Hawaii, medical malpractice lawyers need to know the ins and outs of your case as they prepare for settlement or court. Catastrophic injury attorneys need time to prepare in order to make sure you get what you are entitled to. Jed Kurzban and his team are the attorneys you want on your side during this traumatic time. Trust in them and their years of dedication and service. They will do what it takes to get the job done.

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