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Cancer is commonly misdiagnosed in the blissful island’s hospitals. Many doctors in this part of the world believe that there is only up to 10% of cancer misdiagnosis when studies clearly show that the percentage can be as high as 30%. Some of the most commonly misdiagnosed cancers include breast cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, and sarcomas. Whether due to lack of resources or lack of genetic information, it’s important you take a closer look at these issues with the help of a Hawaii medical malpractice lawyer.

What doctors say?

When doctors in Hawaii are asked about how the problems associated with misdiagnosis are corrected, many of them say that the tools and resources should be improved in order to yield more accurate results. Some doctors also express their concern about lawmakers not providing enough incentives to hospitals providing accure misdiagnosis data. While many researchers and healthcare providers don’t take this matter lightly, there are also those who don’t consider how an incorrect misdiagnosis can have lifelong consequences for their patients.

The second opinion

It is possible that a doctor may get it wrong but what happens when a large percentage of practitioners are misleading their patients? Second and third options always bring some peace of mind. You should feel confident about seeking the advice of another doctor, especially if your diagnosis is disappointing and heartbreaking. Whatever you do, just make sure your second doctor is not friends with your first doctor or you may get a misdiagnosis all over again.

Some commonly misdiagnosed cancers

Many researchers believe that the most common cancers are the ones with more misdiagnosis due to more occurrences. Also, many signs and symptoms manifest later on when the cancer is already in an advanced stage. Some of the commonly misdiagnosed cancers include:

  • Breast cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Colorectal cancer

Some cases may not involve malpractice

There are cases where the misdiagnosis was not caused by the doctor’s negligence but rather problems with recognizing the symptoms. This is why it’s important that patients observe how their body reacts to treatment and any other symptoms that they may be experiencing. If a doctor fails to administer the correct treatment and to alleviate symptoms, you should be informed about your legal rights in such scenario with a Hawaii medical malpractice lawyer.

Cancer misdiagnosis can have devastating effects for patients in Hawaii. Some patients may be ignoring their condition is getting worst while others may be undergoing unneeded cancer treatment. This is a serious medical negligence and should be handled by someone that understands how these laws can be applied to the patient’s circumstances. There are many types of cancers but most of them can be life-threatening, which is why it’s important for patients to get a timely diagnosis and undergo the correct treatment. If you have been misdiagnosed by a medical professional, make sure you contact us and schedule your initial case evaluation. We are committed to protecting the rights off of all our clients.

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