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As the number of drownings while snorkeling off the coast of Hawaii continue to increase, experts are investigating whether the equipment chosen by a snorkeler can contribute to the risk of injury or death. State Department of Health statistics shows that some 90 people have drowned in snorkeling accidents over the past five years, with the figures getting progressively higher. Given the obvious cause for concern posed by this trend, the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association has started running snorkeling workshops for the first time ever, as a health department snorkel safety subcommittee asks questions in an attempt to identify the cause of the rising drowning rates.

Why Is Drowning While Snorkeling Becoming More Common?

Snorkeling, and other water sports, can be perfectly safe and enjoyable when the proper equipment is used and participants are provided with adequate training, however, when water-based activities go wrong, the consequences can be catastrophic. Drowning is, of course, the worst case scenario, with life-changing injuries such as paralysis and organ failure also possible. Depending on why the drowning deaths from snorkeling in Hawaii are continually increasing, this could soon become a matter for an experienced personal injury attorney in Hawaii.

The particular item of equipment which is under investigation is a type of full-face snorkeling mask. These masks allow users to breathe through the nose, rather than the mouth, with a view to removing the dead air space which can be present in a traditional snorkel. The subcommittee is currently looking into any correlation which may exist between these full-face masks and drowning deaths, as well as seeking to identify potential commonalities such as the experience level of the snorkeler and their overall health. Whatever the root cause of this increased occurrence of drowning, Hawaii authorities are keen to get to the bottom of it.

Sports Amongst the Leading Causes of Paralysis in Hawaii

Paralysis and other catastrophic injuries can occur in numerous ways, none of them pleasant, but some more common than others. As mentioned earlier, watersports accidents may result in these injuries, but did you know just how high the risk is? As experienced Hawaii paralysis attorneys, the scenarios in which we see these injuries occurring include:

  • Accidents while working (28% of paralysis and spinal cord injuries)
  • Motor vehicle accidents (24%)
  • Sports or recreation-related accidents (16%)
  • Falling (9%)
  • Unknown causes (9%)
  • Violence (4%)
  • Birth defects (3%)
  • Natural disaster (1%)

The accidents falling into these categories include each of the five types of paralysis:

  • Hemiplegia, occurring on one side of the body
  • Diplegia, involved paralysis of either both sides of the face, or both arms
  • Monoplegia, localized paralysis affecting one single limb
  • Paraplegia, paralysis affecting both legs
  • Quadriplegia, paralysis which affects all four limbs plus the torso

However, you sustained your paralysis or spinal cord-related injury, a Hawaii paralysis attorney could help you recover the compensation you are entitled to, and deserve.

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