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While Hawaii is one of the world’s most beautiful tourist attractions, the ratings for medical care are some of the worst nationwide. About half of century ago, the tropical state was the first one to require medical benefits for all employees residing in the island but we have come a long way on health reforms and accountability patterns. Limited access to health care is a big concern now as most of these services are based on Oahu County. Also, the state makes it very difficult for patients to find out about their doctor’s background. In other words, if your doctor has a history of malpractice, you will have a hard time obtaining the disciplinary records. If you need a Hawaii medical malpractice attorney, contact us today. Doctors who harm patients should be held responsible for their errors.

Diseases affecting the island

Recent research and studies by the Community Health Needs Assessment show that people from all backgrounds experience poor health outcomes in Hawaii. A high percentage of Hawaiians are affected by diseases such as cancer, asthma, heart problems, and diabetes. Also, many patients are hospitalized due to conditions that could have been prevented. There are high rates of patients dying of unmanaged heart disease in hospitals throughout the island. Substance abuse and mental health are also huge concerns with about five thousand hospitalizations statewide every year.

Health insurance coverage

While the health insurance coverage is relatively good in the island, some areas like mental health coverage, coverage for individuals with disabilities, and long-term care for the aged, is very poor. There is also mistrust among some ethnic groups to seek medical care from healthcare providers that may not share the same cultural interests.

Doctors disciplinary records

Hawaii is not good at providing patients a doctor’s disciplinary records when requested. It’s difficult for patients to determine if a specific doctor has been put on probation for a felony or malpractice. Patients are entitled to find out about their doctor’s background. After all, this is the person they are trusting with their health issues. However, the state makes it very difficult to obtain this information. Unfortunately, medical boards are agencies in the state who continue allowing doctors with criminal records to practice medicine. Some of these records include drug and alcohol abuse, overprescribing medications, and many other dangerous practices.

How a Hawaii medical malpractice attorney can help

Health researchers suggest that taking some steps may help improve the overall health of the islanders. Educating children about these health concerns, shifting towards healthier lifestyles, and making doctors more accountable will definitely help Hawaii rank better in coming years. Meanwhile, you may need a Hawaii malpractice attorney to investigate what your doctor or state fails to reveal. Jed Kurzban has over two decades of experience representing malpractice victims in Hawaii. You can trust his expertise to handle your case. Contact us today and find out how we can help you uncover all the details about your doctor’s medical malpractice.

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