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College is a time to find yourself; make new friends and experience new things. Many people experiment with sex, alcohol, music, fashion, etc, while others gravitate towards drugs. Most of the time, student stick to marijuana, but they do not go that heavily into the rabbit hole. But even party drugs like ecstasy or “E” can do damage to that student in the near future, and if use continues over time, in the long run. It may give you a special kind of “high,” but continued use could eventually render you mentally impaired.

If you have a loved one who has sustained brain injury from using ecstasy – or any other drug that attacks the neurological system – medical bills can get high. You need to call a sympathetic brain injury attorney in Hawaii to handle your case. The lawyers at Kurzban Kurzban Tetzeli P.A. Hawaii recovery law center have been representing clients for many years, and they know what it takes get the compensation you deserve to help your loved one cope with their injury. Many people are still quite functional, but not to their original capacity. While others become totally impaired mentally. A few have been known to die from overdosing on the drug because of the overflow of serotonin to the brain. The drug itself can cause panic, elevated heart rate, hallucinations, blurred vision, etc.

As a freshman in college, Jenna was excited about being free to do as she wanted; no parents around to get on her case. She took full advantage of that freedom and started hanging out with some new friends she had met in her dorm. They coaxed her into trying a few things she had never done before – drinking alcohol, ditching class and eventually drugs. It started off with marijuana, but Jenna decided it was not for her because it made her “too relaxed and lazy.” They presented her with “E” and told her it was a pick-me-up. Since they were friends, Jenna trusted their judgment and did the drug. She started doing it on a regular basis for that feeling of sensation. But what she didn’t realize was the negative effects it was having on her body. Effects that went deeper than just what she felt on the outside. Jenna was found one day in her dorm, passed out from an apparent overdose. Her body was burning up. They rushed her to the hospital where she spent three days in a coma. Her family drove up to be by her side. Once she woke up, the noticed her speech was different and her memory was not the same. Now Jenna lives at home with her family. She functions well enough but still has severe memory issues.

If you have a loved one in Jenna’s shoes, you need to contact a sympathetic brain injury attorney in Hawaii so they can get you compensated for hospital bills and any rehab needed. It will be an uphill battle, but one worth fighting. Contact Kurzban Kurzban Tetzeli P.A. today for a free consultation.

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