21 December

There is no doubt the holidays are the most dangerous time on the road, particularly in Hawaii, the number one destination for many holiday travelers. The odds of getting into a fatal car accident increase during the holiday season. Dangerous road conditions due to holiday rush and DUI are definitely a significant contributing factor. Everyone is out there celebrating but only a few are aware of their surroundings.

During the holidays, the number of travelers increased. As a consequence of holiday celebrations and family gatherings, more people drive under the influence. Some Hawaii patrol departments predict fatalities and most times they are accurate. Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are some of the deadliest times, with teens accounting for nearly 10% of these fatalities. The number of fatalities during Christmas and New year alone increase nearly 34% with 40% of car accident deaths caused by alcohol impairment.

Driver danger is very high during the holidays so you should try your best to keep yourself and your family safe. In the event of an accident, hire a skilled Hawaii catastrophic injury attorney to obtain fair compensation on your behalf.

Sometimes there isn’t enough insurance coverage

When there isn’t enough insurance to cover catastrophic injuries, your attorney can help you obtain a just recovery. These cases can be costly to handle on your own and you may not be able to obtain compensation unless you have clear and convincing evidence. A Hawaii catastrophic attorney has the necessary tools to find out if the party responsible for the accident has enough insurance coverage. Sometimes more than one party is responsible for the accident, therefore, they should compensate the victim accordingly.

When there isn’t enough insurance coverage, your attorney may try to settle without going to court. When there is enough coverage, the next step is obtaining as much compensation as possible so that accident victim can fully recover. An experienced trial lawyer like Jed Kurzban will know what to do. He spends many hours getting to know his clients and will do whatever it takes to protect your interests.

Catastrophic injuries can change your life forever

Some catastrophic injuries can have lifelong effects requiring costly ongoing treatment many victims can’t afford. In some cases, the victim dies and the family is left without emotional or financial support. Catastrophic injuries can affect victims physically and emotionally causing memory loss and lowering other mental capacities. The emotional impact is also substantial. The victim may become irritable and isolated. Friends and family can also suffer the impact of a catastrophic accident. It is difficult to watch how your loved one suffers without being able to do much.

Stay away from drunk drivers this holiday season and call us today and find out whether you have grounds for a legal claim.

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