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When you go to the doctor or the hospital you hold them to a high standard of care when dealing with your health. This isn’t always the case. Healthcare professionals are humans and sometimes make mistakes. Some healthcare professionals are negligent in their behavior. Sometimes they fail to treat you even if symptoms are present. This may cause you to sustain a disease or get injured or harmed. You should’ve to be harmed because of their carelessness. Sometimes loved ones die because of medical misconduct. It’s essential to know what medical malpractice through your doctor’s misdiagnosis is. You should also know how a failure of treatment and incorrect treatment happens in the medical world and the impact of their failure of treatment in its effect on you.

Medical Malpractice Through Misdiagnosis

Medical professionals could be held liable if they failed to or delayed to diagnose a disease which leads to the patient’s personal injury or advancement of a disease. This is if the medical professionals could’ve diagnosed this disease far earlier. Some diseases or injuries are unpredictable and medical professionals may not be able to diagnose it early on. Medical professionals can be held liable if a reasonable doctor in similar circumstances made a different choice based on the patient’s symptoms. It is essential to know that medical professionals are trained to establish “differential diagnosis”. This is basically when a doctor lists their different diagnoses for possible causes of the patient’s direct symptoms. An example of this would be a doctor failing to order additional tests.

Failure to Treat & Incorrect Treatment

A doctor may fail to treat you by dismissing symptoms as temporary, not worthy of treatment, or minor in nature. In their failure to treat you, they may cause more harm or injury to you if they failed to identify the underlying injury or condition. A condition may worsen if not treated in a timely fashion. Sometimes doctors prescribe the wrong treatments because of their misdiagnosis of the condition. A medical professional may also have diagnosed the condition correctly but chose an unsuitable treatment plan.

Negligence often plays a huge role in medical malpractice.

Impact of Failure of Treatment

Patients may be subject to harsher treatment because of the doctor’s negligence, their failure to treat or diagnose a condition earlier. The doctor’s negligence could have resulted in a wrongful death case. For example, if a doctor failed to identify a cancerous lump and the result of that was the death of a patient, then they can be sued for medical malpractice and failure to treat. If a doctor has failed to treat you from any condition then it can be financially damaging. An example of this would be if a patient took time off work because of a condition they failed to previously diagnose. The doctor may have to pay damages for loss of wages.

When something goes wrong with a medical professional and you are left harmed, it’s not an easy thing to get through. They were supposed to provide you with the utmost care and they did not due to their negligence. You could’ve been treated and forgone the things you now have to experience. More medical bills are piling up. You need someone on your side how you know you can trust. You need someone with years of experience to get you the compensation you deserve. The last thing you need is more stress. Contact Jed Kurzban, a medical malpractice attorney Hawaii today at 808-736-5035 or use this contact form for a free no-obligation consultation.

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