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Life after a catastrophic accident can be difficult. Everything changes so quickly. It feels unfair that your life is going in a different direction due to someone else’s irresponsible behavior. Coping with loss and pain after a catastrophic injury can feel overwhelming, especially during the holiday season. But there are some strategies to help you cope with your changing circumstances.

Plan ahead

Good planning can be rewarding. It may not be possible for some people to plan ahead but there are times when it is the wise thing to do. If you are planning a trip for the holidays, make sure you explain what special accommodations you may need such as food, restroom, space, and so on. You will be surprised how many people are willing to help you.

Establish a routine

Routines always help you to keep a balanced life. This is particularly true for catastrophic injury victims, who may need to integrate other activities into their schedule. It is important to make recovery your first priority. If you fail to keep up with physical activities required for your prompt recovery, you will slow down the recovery process and may not enjoy the holiday season as much. Ask your doctor if there are other similar routines you can incorporate into your daily activities. Perhaps other activities are more convenient for the time being.

New traditions

Sometimes old traditions don’t fit into your new lifestyle. A catastrophic injury will do that to you. You need to embrace new traditions. For example, if your family enjoys Christmas caroling, you may want to drive instead to a Christmas event where you can sit and enjoy the festivities.   If you used to volunteer at a soup kitchen, volunteer with other activities less physically demanding. If you are in pain, consider postponing your holiday meal for another time when you feel ready to celebrate. If you want to celebrate with your loved ones, ask them to prepare your food that agrees with your health and current diet.

Slow down

The holiday season can be hectic. It is tempting to rush through the crowd but don’t. You may not be able to do some things that you used to do but you can celebrate just like everyone else. Listen to your body and don’t do anything that may slow down your recovery. Be patient and participate in as many activities as you can but all within a safe environment.

A compassionate approach

We understand that adjusting to life after a devastating injury can be difficult. Recovery can be long and costly if you don’t have an experienced catastrophic injury attorney in Hawaii handling your case. We can help you find justice and compensation for all your losses. Call us today and schedule your initial case assessment with Hawaii serious injury lawyer Jed Kurzban.

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